Existential Art Manifesto

Both human being and nature contain a deep meaning within themselves; Authenticity!

In his book “Existential Psychotherapy,” Irvin D. Yalom discusses about four existential anxieties inherent in human beings; death, freedom, loneliness and absurdity anxiety.
Human beings throughout their lives have sought a way to escape from the agitation resulting from these anxieties. The escape sometimes is successful and leads to denial of all these fears, but sometimes the denial fails and human beings face with the uncovered existential fears.
Existentialism recognizes human being as a conscious being with free will who gives meaning to his/her life and experiences being through touching nothingness and absurdity.
Combination of existential worldview with aesthetic principles is a way to touch authentic life experiences of human beings in an artistic form.
One of the important elements which is observed in existential visual art is nature. Tiny human characters incorporated in the measureless nature are seen in the present art works. These characters are either dancing or sitting or even just breathing!